Sture family


Bo Stenson Sture,  Regent Sweden 1434




Martha Bosdotter,  Married Peter Ribbing (See Jonsson Kafle line)


Nils Boson Sture,  Senator Sweden.




Svante Sture,  Regent Sweden  Died 1512




Sten Sture the younger ,  Died 1520  Married Kristina Gyllenstjerna.




Svante Sture,  Married  Martha Ivarsdotter  Died 1567




Sten Sture,  Died in the battler of Denmark.


Nils Sture,  Died 1567


Sture Family


     The Sture family were high up in the government of Sweden.  They served the king for many generations, and they led big armies into wars against the Danes and Russia, also against the Germans and other foes of Sweden.  One really has to study the history of Sweden to really get all the information.  The Swedish history around that time is quite exciting,  Sweden was a big country and almost all the time at war with someone.  We trace our family back to Sten Sture, who was senator, or government adviser as it was  called at that time.  His Daughter  Martha Bosdotter Married Peter Ribbing,  See  (See Jonsson Kafle Line).

      When the old King Gusav Vasa died in the year 1560,  his son Eric the XIV became King. At that time there were Many of the Sture Family serving the King.  At first the King did good,  but in the year 1567  he took sick and his mind went bad.  Among many things he did was to imprison three of the Sture family members among with some of the other advisers.  One day he became insane and darted into the prison and stuck a knife into the chest of Nils Sture, killing him.  He then rushed out into the courtyard and screamed “Kill the all”,  and the task was carried out by the soldiers.  Later the King was found to be insane and was himself put in prison.  He died there probably poisoned.