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Daughters of the American Revolution

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Olga Mims Dawson Jonsson  Children of American Revolution Nat Nr;7208

Anita Ball Dawson  Nat. Nr 56172  Admitted June 5  l906  Daughters of the American Revolution.

Claes H. Jonsson, National Nr; 87525  Sons of the American Revolution.

Judith Louise Calvit Jonsson   National Nr; 489567 Daughters of the American Revolution


Anita Ball Dawson,   Became Member of the United Daughters of the Confederacy in April 1906  Chapter 19  Martha Reed  Jacksonville Florida. Her number on the roll was 234.  She was the sister of Robert Jemison Ball who served  in the First La. Washington Artillery Reg.  He was paroled at Lees Surrender.  He was presented  with the UDC Cross of honor,  Died in 1913   and buried in Confederate Tomb #33

Anita Ball Dawson’s uncle on her mothers side was Robert Jemison, born September 17 1804.  He became Confederate Senator from Alabama.  On Anita Ball Dawson’s fathers side there were many veterans, and I list a few.  Garnett Andrews,  Fred Andrews, Henry Andrews and Marshall Andrews,


Claes H. Jonsson  was admitted into the Sons Of Confederate  Veterans in 1964,  Kirby Smith Camp 1209  Jacksonville Florida.


Judith Louise Calvit Jonsson,  Daughter of Monfort Calvit Born December 11 1899 in Alexandria Louisiana.  He was the son of  Monfort  Wells Calvit,  Born Dec 16 1855 Alexandria Louisiana.  He was the son of Tacitus Gaillard Calvit Jr.,  Born 1829  Wellswood Plantation Louisiana,  Confederate Soldier.


Daughters of the American Revolution;  from Claes H Jonsson


William Ball.  Wilshire England.   Cme to America on the ship Planter approx 1635.


Alling Ball,  New Haven, conn.  Second marriage to Dorothy Fogal.


Edward Ball,  Born 1642-4  Bradford Conn., Died Newark New Jersey.  Married to Abigale Blatchley, Born 1649,  Married about 1664


Thomas Ball  Born 1697-8 Newark New Jersey, Died October 18 1744 Newark New Jersey.  Married Sarah Davis,  Born Ca. 1690,  Died February 1 1778 Newark New Jersey,  Married Ca. 1710


Ezikiel Ball,  Born Ca.  1720  Newark New Jersey,  Died December 19 1804 Newark New Jersey,  Married Mary Jones,  Born Ca. 1725 Sag Harbor New York. Died March 21 1810,  Married Ca. 1747


Dr. Stephen Ball,  Born October 21 Newark New Jersey, Died December 22 1783 Morristown New Jersey,  Married Sarah Ross,  Born Chatam New Jersey.


Fredric Ball,  Born 1770  Newark New Jersey,  Died August 19 1820 Wilks Co. Savannah Georgia.,  Married to Eliza Toxie,  Born December 22 1785,  South Carolina,  Died May 15 1852, Washington Georgia. Married  February 10 1803  Savannah Georgia.


Dr. Doric Ball  Born June 13 1806 Savannah Georgia,  Died December  1 1869,  New Orleans Louisiana.,  Married to Harriet S. Jemison,  Born November 10 1815 Twiggs County Georgia.  Died May 211889 New York City N.Y.  Married August 10 1830.


Anita Ball (DAR Nat. # 56172) Born November 8 1858 New Orleans Louisiana. Died August  2 1931,  Jacksonville Florida.  Married William Bunn Dawson  Born Micheldean England June 16 1856,  Died  May 22 1916 Jacksonville Florida.  Married February 4  New Orleans Louisiana


Folke Jonsson, Born May 19 1886 Sweden,  Died 12 March 1961  Sweden.  Married Olga Mims Dawson ( Children of the American  Revolution Nat. Nr. 72080 )  Born  Jan 10 1890 Kingston New Mexico,  Died October 20 1978 Sweden.  Married October 20 1909 Paris France.


Claes H. Jonsson (SAR # 87525), Born  January 6 1930 Gothenburgh Sweden,  Married Judith Louise Calvit Born April 28 1933.  Married Jacksonville Florida.


Dr. Stephen Ball served with the First New Jersey Regiment and was with his cousin George Washington when the army wintered  in New Jersey.  Date of enlistment  September 26 1780  Facts; Heitmans Register Officers Revolutionary Army.  Also records of the war department Washington, DC.











Daughters of the American Revolution Judith Louise Calvit Jonsson side.


John Dent Married Mary Hatch


John Dent Jr. , Married Katherine Turner.


Hatch Dent, Born Ca.1700 at St. Marys City Md.  Married Ann Poston.


Hezekiel Dent, Born August 2 1747 Charles County Maryland.,  Married Martha Burch,  Married  February 13 1774.


Hatch Dent.  Born  February 6 1775 Charles City Maryland.  Died 1816.  Married Jeannette Meuillon,  Born May 13 1786.  Married December 18 1806


General Monfort Well,  Born February 7 1800 at Wellswood Plantation Louisiana.  Died at Wellsworth Plantation Jan 23 1882.  Married  Jeannette Amelia Dent.  Born March 8 1808  at Alexandria Louisiana.  Died at Wellswood Plantation December 17 1882  Married February 9 1825.


Tacitus Gaillard Calvit Jr.  Born 1829 at Wellswood Plantation, Louisiana. Died at Wellswood Plantation Louisiana 1868   Married Jeannette  Dent Wells, Born October 14 1836 at Wellswood Plantation Louisiana.  Died June 7 1924  Married  October 16 1854.


Monfort Wells Calvit  Born  December 16 1855 at Alexandria Louisiana. Died at Wellswood Plantation Louisiana, June 23 1906.  Married  Louise Elizabeth Albert,  Born  April 18 1870 at Alexandria Louisiana. Died Alexandria Louisiana 1931.  Married July 12  1885


Monfort Calvit, Born December 11 1899 at Alexandria, Louisiana.  Died Jacksonville Florida on October 20 1956  Married H. Louise Furby, Born March 7 1908 at Alexandria Louisiana.  Married 1927


Claes H. Jonsson Born Jan 6 1930  Gothenburgh Sweden  (SAR # 87525)  Married Judith Louise Calvit,  Jacksonville Florida.


Reference book


The Wells Family of Louisiana and allied families by Dr. G M G Stafford  Baton Rouge, Louisiana,  l941

Printed by Standard Printing Co. Inc. Alexandria Louisiana., Copyright 1942

     Hezekial Dent,  officially shown being of Trinity Parish in Charles County Maryland,  1779-1792  Was appointed tobacco inspector for Charles County Maryland. 1773-4  Elected on the Charles County committee on non importation associates in 1774  He was First Lieutenant . in McPherson’s Co. of Lower Battalion of Charles County Maryland Militia in 1777.  He was Captain in the 12th Battalion of Maryland Militia in 1779.  For verification of this record see Maryland archives vol XVI page 401.