Jonsson & Kafle families


This Information was obtained from the Museum of Gothenburgh Sweden and was stamped Gothenburgh Museum 1861.


Erland, Born in Norway in the latter 900 He was a large landowner


Sven Erlandson, Norway 1050


Sven Svenson, Lived in Norway 1080 Married Ragna, daughter of Orm Ericson and Princess Ingeborg.


Orm Svenson, Married Queen Ragnhild, Widow of King Magnus Hakanson


Erling Ormson Skacke, Died 1179 at the battle of Trondhjem, Married daughter of Sigurd Jordsalafarare. Translated Sigurd World Traveler.


Magnus V Erlingson Born 1156 Died 1184 King in Norway.


Erling Manson stenvagg, died 1207.


Sigurd Ribbing, Died 1225.


Sigvid Ribbing the Long, Died 1290.


Sigvid Ribbing, 1345


Arvid Ribbing, 1390 Married Ingeborg Magnusdotter of the old Sture Family.


Peter Ribbing, Senator Sweden, Went on Crusade to Jerusalem 1402, Married Martha Bosdotter (See Sture Family)


Peter Ribbing , Senator Sweden, 1460 Married Sparre.


Knut Ribbing, Senator Sweden. 1517


Sven Ribbing, Died 1577 Married Anna Gylta


Metta Ribbing, Married 1577 to Erland Larson Kafle. He was the owner of Hallarne, Sjotorp and Lindingsnas.


Matts Kafle, Died 1836 Married to Carin Soop.


Erland Kafle, Died 1658 Owner of Sjotorp and Russelbacka.


Erland Kafle, Died 1729 Owner of Nattholma.


Eric Kafle, Died 1749 Swedish Army, Married to Ralamb.


Erland David Kafle, Died 1787


Samuel Kafle, Died 1764 Second Lt. Army, Married Svinhuvud, Married only 14 days, strained himself lifting a stone and died. Buried in Steneby Chapel.


Johan Samuel Kafle, Died 1836 Cavalry officer, Married von Wockler.


Johanna Matilda Kafle, Born 1817 Married Gustaf Jonsson, Founder of the Bank of Varmland.


Axel Jonsson, Born September 12 1844, Died July 7 1931, Married Ragnhild Lundgren (See Lundgren Line), November 1881.


Folke Jonsson, Borrn May 19 1886 Died March 12 1961, Married Olga Mims Dawson (See Dawson Line) Oct 19 1909


Claes H. Jonsson, Born Jan 6 1930 in Gothenburgh Sweden, Married Judith Louise Calvit, April 12 1952


Richard Calvit Jonsson, Born June 18 1960.


The oldest Jonsson we have on record is Gustaf Jonsson, He was born 1808, and he married Mathilda Kafle, the last of the family Kafle, The Kafle coat of arms came from her family., and when the name died out, our family was granted the use of the coat of Arms. Gustaf Jonsson was a businessman in Venersborg Sweden, and he was the founder of the Bank of Varmland. Gustaf and Mathilda had one son, Axel Jonsson (My Grandfather) . Axel was born in 1844 and died in 1931. He was a businessman in Gothenburgh under the name of Jonsson&Sternhagen and co. He married Ragnhild Lundgren (see Lundgreen family), They had five children.


Ruth, Rolph, Folke, Axel, Frej.


Ruth Jonsson , Born September 1882 Died August 7 1938. She Married Hjalmar Atterbom on October 1906. Hjalmar Atterbom was in the cavalry and he had the rank of Major. Their only son was Per Axel Amadus Atterbom, Born April 25 1913, Married May Bartoft, Born October 10 1912. They had four children; Hemming axel Amadeus, Nils Torsten Amadeus, Per Lennart Amadeus and Ruth Ebba Gabriel.


Rolph Jonsson was born December 1 1883, Married Annie Payne from England, Annie was born January 19 1894. They had eight children; Ragna Lena, Gunnel, Ruth, Dick Lorentz, Alf Duncan, Rolph Horace, Frank egron, Kim.


Folke Jonsson was Born on May 19 1886 in Gothenburgh, he was my father. He started in business as a partner in his fathers business Jonsson & Sternhagen, and later took over the company and had it until he retired. He was Consul General for Bulgaria, and received two of their highest orders. He also received the Vasa order from the Swedish Government. Folke Married Olga Mims Dawson, and they had nine children. Folke was a big sportsman and had in his possessions many awards in all sports, he loved to hunt, and he could fire his double barrel shotgun and fire another salvo in the same time as others would fire only once. He built a home near the family land on saro, but soon this house was to small and he purchased the land called Lysholmen, there he built a large house, a show place, where the king of Sweden was entertained each summer, while he visited saro for his tennis vacation. Folke and Olga had nine children;

Anita, Born September 3 1910, Married Sven Hansson, they had seven children; Peter, Carita, Kenneth, Marion, Stella, Christel and Camilla.


William, Born September 26 1911. Married Brita Dahl, they had four children; Birgitta, Barbara, Beatrice and Folke.


Mary, Born May 5 1913, Married Gunnar Laurenius, they had two children; Jan and Eva.


Sonja, Born May 20 1915, Married Hans Lund , they had two children; Peter and Stina. Second marriage to Lennart Hernod, they had two children; Torsten and Charlotte.


Sigrid, Born Jan 8 1917, Married Charles Cook Howell, they had four children; Charles, Sonja, Una and Moffit.


Bo Erling, Born May 15 1918 Died January 25 l963, they had two children; Sven Erling and Bo Christian.


Gunilla, Born January 18 1920, Married Arne Sodergreen, they had four children; Anne, Leif, Pia and Lena. Second Marriage to Ulf Hellstrom.


Folke, Born September 19 1922, Married Anne Irving, they had two children; Olga and Caroline.


Claes Herbert, Born Jan 6 1930, Married Judith Louise Calvit, they had four children; Marsha, Catherine, Anita and Richard.



Axel Jonsson, Born May 16 1888 Died January 11 1950. Married Sigun Jaansson, They had four children; Sigun Ingela, Ragnhild, Ake and Maud. Axel was chairman of the board of Swedish American Line, the largest merchant fleet in Europe at the time. Second Marriage to Kitty Potter from the USA.


Frej Jonsson, Born Aug 22 1893, Married Inger Smedmark, they had two children;Sure and Leif.







Folke Jonsson


Axel Jonsson

Olga Jonsson Folke and Olga Jonsson on their Wedding Day