Calvit family




William Calvit

Fredric Calvit

Thomas Calvit   Born September 21 1748



William Calvit,  Married Miss Holmes,  Second Marriage to Phoebe Crawsord,  March 1782


Children first marriage


Anthony Calvit

John Calvit

 Children Second marriage


Tacitus Gaillard Calvit



Tactius Gaillard Calvit, Born 1784,  Died May 19 1829,  Married Winnefred Cocke.




Tacitus Gaillard  Calvit Jr..  Born 1829,  Married Jeannette Dent Wells,  October 16 1854.  (See Wells Family)




Monfort Wells Calvit,  Born December 16 1855

Tacitus Gaillard Calvit,  Died in infancy.

Jeannette Dent Calvit,  Born June 28 1858

George Blair Calvit,  Died in infancy.

Elizabeth Winifred Calvit,  Died in infancy.

Alice Wells Calvit,  Born October 9 1864

William Tacitus Calvit,  Born February 21 1867



Monfort Wells Calvit,  Born December 16 1855,  Married  Louise Elizabeth Albert on July 12 1885





Gordon Duncan Calvit,  Born November 28  1890

Eugene Willard Calvit,  Born February 19 1893

Monfort Calvit,  Born Dec 11 1899



Monfort Calvit,  Born Dec 11 1899  Died October 20 1956,  Married  H. Louise Furby,  Born March 7 1908.  Married  1927




Monfort Calvit Jr.  (chick)

Judith Louise Calvit,  Born April 28 1933,  Married Claes H. Jonsson  (See Jonsson Line)



Calvit Family


     The Calvit family name derived from the name of Calvert,  somewhere in the course of time someone changed the name.   We know that the Calvits came over to America during the 1600 hundreds. They settled First in Virginia, aand from there they migrated south and west.  The name came from the French Hugenots.   About two generations after the landing of the Calvits in Virginia, we find some of them in what is now East Tennessee,  that section then claimed by North Carolina.   They first went into the Carolinas and then across the mountains into Tennessee.  We have records of the brothers among the early settlers of that wild, Indian infested country.They were William,  Fredric and Joseph Calvit.  Later on there is information about another brother Thomas Calvit.  The brothers settled on the Watauga River, in the same territory.  The probably time was 1770.  In 1771,James Robertson conducted a party of settlers to the banks of the Watauga, one of the headwaters of the Tennessee River,  where some Virginians had already settled.  Ascertaining that the territory belonged to North Carolina, though large tracts of it were yet claimed by the Indians, Robertson induced the Cherokees to lease the land to his company. Robertson was soon joined by John Siever and in the spring the settlers held a general convention  at which time they formed themselves into a state independent of British authority.  This was known as “The Watauga Association”, and the leaders were the first of American birth to establish a free and independent community of this continent.   Within a few years this free territory was absorber by North Carolina, and in 1776 it was represented in the assembly of that colony, at which time it was officially named District of Washington.  In 1777 Washington District became Washington County, embracing almost the present State of Tennessee.  In 1784 some of the settlers became discontented, and formed the State Of Franklin, With John Seaver as Govenor, but in 1788 it was dissolved and the Jurisdiction of North Carolina acknowledged and re established.  Two years later in 1790, the entire territory was ceded by North Carolina to the Federal Government and formed into “ The Territory of the United States South of the River Ohio”. A large portion of this afterwards became the present State of Tennessee.  The Brothers, Fredric and Joseph Calvit signed the Watauga petition in 1776, which asked for annexation to North Carolina.