Ball Family



Lawrence Ball      Northampton England.   Married Elizabeth Goodman about 1590  





Reverend Richard Ball D.D.       Married Elizabeth.   Was assigned the Ball Coat of arms by Sir William Sager,  December 22,  1613




John Ball


William Ball  Our Ancestor.


Richard  Ball, Wilshire England.


     The Ball family reached America from England in 1635


William Ball  Had six sons who came to America on the ship Planter in 1635.  They were


Alling, who settled in New Haven Conn.  Our ancestor.

Francis Ball, who settled in Springfield Mass.

William Ball,  who settled in St. Marys Parish, Lancaster, Virginia.

John Ball,  settled in Watertown Mass.

Samuel Ball,  History unknown.

Richard Ball,  History unknown.


Alling Ball,  our ancestor.  Settled in new Haven Conn. And married

(1)   Suzan

(2)   Dorothy Fogal

With Dorothy Fogal they had seven children


Edward Ball, born 1644,  our ancestor.

John Ball,  Born April 15,  1649.  Married, Sarah Glover.

Elizabeth Ball,  Born February 11,  1651

Mary Ball.

Alling Ball,  Died July 5 1720

Sarah Ball,  Born January 17  1660.

Lydia Ball,  Born January 17 1660





Edward Ball,  our ancestor,  Born in 1644  in Bradford Conn.  He moved to Newark New Jersey in 1667,  and from then on his name appeared in all affairs of the town.  He was committee  man on boundaries  and settlements with the Lord Proprietors  and Indians.  He was Sheriff of Orange County, New Jersey, and his name last appeared in the records of the year 1724.  These facts are to be found in the records of Newark , Orange County New Jersey.  He married  Abigale Blatchley of Hartford Conn.  Information in Edward Ball can be found on the internet.



Edward and  Abigale had six children;


Caleb Ball , Born 1663   Married Sarah.


Abigale Ball,  Married  Daniel Harrison,  Died 1738


Joseph Ball,  Died April 25 1753


Lydia Ball,   Born Aug 22  1742


Moses Ball,   Born 1685  Died April 20 1747


Thomas Ball,  Born 1687  Died  December 18, 1744  Our

Ancestor,  constable at Newark New Jersey.



Thomas Ball ,  Our Ancestor,   Married Sarah Davis 1710  who died,  February 1778 at the age of eighty eight years of age.  Thomas was a blacksmith and constable of Newark, New Jersey.  Removed in 1717 to a tract of land between Hilton and Jefferson village where he died in 1744.

Thomas and Sarah had twelve children;


Timothy Ball,  Born October 26, 1711  Died, January 9 1758.


Aaron Ball,  Born 1713  Died,  December 22,  1752.


Affia Ball,  Born 1715,  Died ,  1785.


Nathaniel Ball,  Born, 1711,  Died,  1781.


David Ball,  Born,  1729,  Died, December 19  1789


Ezikiel Ball,  Our Ancestor,  Born, 1720,  Died December 19,  1804


Jonas Ball,  Died 1784.


Mary Ball,  Born, June 4,  1726,  Died  1817.


Rachaed Ball,  Born 1728,  Died 1750.


Thomas Ball,  Born 1731,  Died March 20 1809.


Amos Ball,  Born 1733.


Moses Ball,  Born 1735,  Died 1755.




Ezekiel Ball  Our ancestor,  Born 1720,  Died December 19, l804  Married Mary Jones at sag Harbor, New Jersey.  He inherited Tuscan Hall,  Hilton New Jersey.



Ezekiel and Mary Jones had one child


Dr. Stephen Ball,  Born October 21, 1749 Died December 22 ,  1783



Dr. Stephen Ball ,  Married Sarah Ross of Springfield,  New Jersey.  Dr. Ball served in the First New Jersey  Regiment and was with his cousin George Washington,  when the army wintered in New Jersey.  Date of enlistment,  September 26 1780.  These facts found in , Heitman’s  register “Officers Revolutionary Army”.  Also records of War Department,  Washington, D.C.  There is much written about our Dr. Stephen Ball,  to much for me to cover,  all information can be obtained from the internet.


Dr. Stephen Ball,  our ancestor,  and Sarah Ross had four children;



George Ball,  Born   about 1777


Mathilda Ball,  Born 15,  November  1773


Fanny Ball,  Born about 1770


Fredrick Ball,  Our ancestor,  Born  1769,  Died August 15,  1820



Fredrick Ball;  our ancestor,   Married E. F. Andrews who was a teacher at the Weslean College, Macon Georgia.  Moved to Savannah Georgia.  Died from yellow fever.  Moved family to Washington Georgia.  He was first married to Elizabeth Toxey.  Fredrick Ball and
E.F. Andrews had seven children;



Tuscan Ball,  Born March 23, 1804.


Doric Ball,  our ancestor”  Born June 13 1806  Died,  December  1,  1869


Corinthia Ball,   Born July 14,  1808.


Cornelia Wiley Ball,  Born March 9  1820


Sarah Elizabeth Ball,  Born Jan  6  1818


Annulet Ball,  Born Dec. 31,  1810.  Married Judge Garnett Andrews On April 10  1828.  The whole Andrews family served in the  war between the states.


Lawrence Ball,  Born June  15 1815




Dr. Doric Ball,  “Our ancestor”  Born June 13,  1806  Died, December 1,  1869Married August 10, 1830,  to Harriet Jemison  (See Jemison Line)  Harriet Jemison Born November  10  1815.  Died May 21, 1889   Dr. Ball built a very good reputation in his field,  and he was high up in the Masonic Order.

Dr. Doric Ball and Harriet Jemison had seven Children;


Sister Fidelie  (Member of a Religious Order)


Iona Ball,  Died July 6  1869  Married Frances Barnes,  June 23,  1850.


Imogine Ball,  Died January 15,  1915  Married  N.S. Torrey, June 28,  1827


Anita Ball  (Our ancestor)  Born November 8,  1858  Died August 2,  1931


Doric S. Jemison Ball,  Born 1861,  Died May 2,  1890


Sally Ball,


Robert Jemison Ball,  Died Nov 10  1913.  Married Virginia Childes. December 26, 1865.  Buried in Confederate Tomb  No LA. Truemans cemetery Tomb #33.  He served in First Louisiana,  Washington artillery Regiment.  Paroled at lee’s surrender.  Received the cross of Honor.



Anita Ball,  (Our ancestor)  Born November ,8  1858  Died August 2,  1931  Married William B Dawson  (See Dawson Line)  February 12,  1885.  Both are buried in Evergreen Cemetery in Jacksonville, Florida.  Anita Ball was my grandmother.  Anita Ball and William b. Dawson had eight  children;


Anita Ball  Dawson  “Cutie”  Born December 10  1885  Died, October 1  1892


Clytia Isolde Dawson,  Born July 20,  1888  Died  September, 7 1892


Olga Mims Dawson,  Born January 10, 1890  Died November  27 1978  Married Folke Jonsson from Sweden.


Una Dawson


William B Dawson Jr.


Joseph Dawson,  Died at birth.


Harriet Jemison Dawson  Born 1887  Died July 19 1887


Ovid Tristan Dawson,  Born 1897  Died April 4,  1900


For  information on the Dawson Family,  look up the Dawson Line.




     The Ball Family were large land owners and high up in  the Government.  The Balls came to America in 1635 and settled throughout the east coast .  One branch settled in Virginia.  Our ancestors settled first in Virginia, and then after the Revolutionary War  migrated down the coast to Georgia and were the first settlers in Washington, Georgia.  Our Dr. Doric Ball, moved to  New Orleans, Louisiana.  Many of our family’s large plantations were destroyed during the War Between the States,  and the old South with the big land and slaves were forever gone.  After the War,  many people moved West to get away from the poverty in the South to get a new start.